Grupo FrinsaEthical Commitment

Ethical Commitment

Among our priorities, Corporate Social Responsibility occupies an outstanding place. Besides the environmental impact, we are worried about how the business activity that we perform affects social, labor and human aspects in the

supply chain of which we are part, focusing our efforts in achieving a sourcing that is more socially responsible every time.

In this sense, besides complying with the national and international legislation that governs us, we have adopted and promote other international norms and policies of a social nature and that are ethically responsible. For instance, our Code of Conduct is based on the standards conceived by the International Labor Organization; in particular, those referring to the prohibition of forced labor, child labor, freedom of association and protection of the rights of workers, just remuneration, fight against discrimination…in addition to establishing the basis for the values and principles that should govern the actions of all Frinsa Group stakeholders.

At Frinsa we believe that, beyond publicizing our actions and achievements, our duty is to transmit ethical values to the entire supply chain. To this end, we have developed a code of conduct for suppliers based on the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) through the signing of which our suppliers undertake to comply with minimum requirements in terms of workers’ rights, respect for the environment and business ethics.


Likewise, at Frinsa we have implemented an Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics Policy that establishes the rules to be respected by employees, managers, as well as any person acting on behalf of or representing the Frinsa Group in order to guarantee business ethics and prevent and avoid any unethical business practices such as bribery, influence peddling, conflicts of interest or money laundering, and to guarantee transparency in our actions.

FRINSA DEL NOROESTE is a member of the initiatives Sedex/SMETA* and amfori/BSCI**. Participating in them, and trying to extend the participation in these, or others similar, to our suppliers, we spread the reach of our commitments to our suppliers, and these to theirs, thus creating a supply chain more socially responsible.

Several organizations dedicated to the sustainability and improvement of the resources with which Frinsa cooperates are implementing actions to encompass social issues. Frinsa is a member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, having to, as such, comply with the conservation measure 9.1 (Public Policy on Social and Labor Standards) regarding the publishing of the social and labor standards that we apply in our supply chain.

Also, in compliance with the “Modern Slavery Act 2015” (UK), our subsidiary Frinsa UK Ltd publishes annually its Modern Slavery Statement with the measures taken from Frinsa to eradicate and prevent all forms of modern slavery in its supply chain.

In 2022 Frinsa completed the self-assessment of the SYNESGY platform (, which refers to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, obtaining a grade of “B” (Good Level of Sustainability).


Finally, we must stress one of the more traditional ways to promote and foster the good practices and social behavior that we practice at Frinsa: long and stable relationships and frequent visits, that we apply both to suppliers and to clients.

It is very important to create solid and lasting links in all the value chain. The regular visits to maintain ties and increase trust are equally necessary at boths ends of the chain in which we find ourselves.

We try, then, to demand of others what we demand of ourselves. This includes ethical work, respect towards others, a responsible attitude, transparency, trust, and to improve every day.

(*) Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

(**) amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative