We are aware of the importance of the sustainability of marine resources and are committed to it. At FRINSA GROUP, we have implemented measures aimed at ensuring that our daily activities are carried out ethically, responsibly and with the least possible environmental impact.
Logically, we are one of the main interested parties in ensuring that healthy populations of tuna and other fishery species remain healthy and grow to reach levels of optimum balance.

As an involved and co-responsible participant, it is in our interest that resources are used rationally, and allow existing and future demand to be met respectfully and sustainably.

lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa Protection of the marine environment, conservation of its resources and maintenance of marine biodiversity; in other words, the defence of ecological balance. Environmental protection 01-sostenibilidad-frinsa lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa The management and rational use of marine resources, applying scientific knowledge, reliable data and exercising caution and sound judgement when taking decisions. Rational use of resources lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa The development of responsible fishing and aquaculture, avoiding overexploitation and overfishing Responsible practices lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa Creation and conservation of marine reserves lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa Promotion of less aggressive fishing methods with the aim of respecting non-target species and reducing negative environmental impact. Less aggressive methods 05-sostenibilidad-frinsa lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa Undeclared and unregulated fishing (IUU) Fighting against illegal 06-sostenibilidad-frinsa lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa Publicly condemning shark finning lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa of “by-catch” Reduction and control 08-sostenibilidad-frinsa lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa And reduce the use of FADs in accordance with the management plans of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs). Promoting the use of non-entangling fads among our fishing suppliers 09-sostenibilidad-frinsa lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa Of raw materials that come from sustainable and responsible marine fisheries and aquaculture. Equitable acquisition 10-sostenibilidad-frinsa lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa "From the sea to the table" The traceability of the entire production chain 11-sostenibilidad-frinsa lata-proteina-natural-salmon-natural-frinsa Transparency and fair practice in all processes, commitments and actions 12-sostenibilidad-frinsa
FRINSA always seeks to join forces with all international organizations at the forefront of marine resource sustainability, which is why we are part of and collaborate with the Foundations and International Organizations listed at the end of this page.
FRINSA DEL NOROESTE has, in turn, been a pioneer in providing its customers with canned seafood products made from raw materials obtained in the most environmentally friendly and least harmful ways, with great respect towards other species.
In conclusion, With our actions and commitments, our participation in International Organizations and Foundations, and by demanding ever more responsible conduct from our suppliers (and from ourselves), we can state, categorically, that the raw materials we acquire and the canned products we manufacture are sustainable today and will be sustainable in the future.
At FRINSA DEL NOROESTE, we know that all parties interested in preserving fishing resources must pull together to guarantee the future availability of food from the oceans. The only way to achieve this goal is by underlining the importance of the sustainability of marine products as a resource and a common value asset shared by all.

For this reason, our commitment to the sea is our raison d’être.